2016 Cedric Best Competition Draw On Web Site

The draw for the 2016 Cedric Best Competition is now live on the web site.  As usual the first round has thrown up some tasty ties.   Top of the list for what seems to be the 3rd or 4th consecutive year has to be Steve Bravery v Paul Kemp. Before either complain – the draw process goes through 2 rounds of blind randomisation.  There is no way I can manipulate the draw!

It does mean that there will be at least one big shark in the plate draw 🙂

As usual, the plate draw will not take place until all 1st and second round matches have been completed.  This allows those lucky enough to get a bye in the first round an opportunity to enter the plate should they lose their first match.  This does not extend into the 3rd round if you get subsequent byes due to injury etc.

Draw for the Veterans’s competition will follow at the weekend.