American Handicap – Saturday 13th November 2010

The date for the next American Handicap Tournament has been decided – Next American Handicap – Saturday 13th November 2010 – put it in your diary…..2.20 to 7.00pm……

Tournament Report.

A successful event was held with Dave Pogmore the main prize-winner emerging after some tight matches throughout as the eventual winner in the final with a 15-13 narrow defeat of Ben Taylor.  Playing off a -15 handicap proved a long afternoon for the winner with two pools of 7 and 8 playing a round-robin series of games.

Pool Results:

Pool A.

1. Ben Taylor 75pts. 2. Alan Wahlers 68pts. 3. Peter Kibble 67pts. 4. Roger Adley 64pts. 5. Mary Hind 58pts.  6. Nick Flint 55pts. 7. Paul Handley 54pts retired injured.

Pool B.

1. Dave Pogmore 101pts. 2. Kate Kibble 96pts.  3.Michael Hinder 95pts. 4. John Bradbury 95pts. 5. Rob Turnbull 90pts. 6. Peter Lennard-Jones 87pts.  7. Richard Goodman 83pts. 8. Martin Keil 80pts.

Thanks are due to the organisers and Alison and Steve at the Hearty Goodfellow for the food and drinks in the evening.