Club Competition Rules

All competitions are now fully online.  We are using a service from  You can see which competition you have entered, post scores, show injuries and more all in one place.

There are several major competitions at Southwell Squash Club each year:

  • The Cedric Best Competition is the club championship.  It is open to all senior and advanced junior members of the club.
  • The Ladies Competition is, as the name suggests, the ladies championship
  • The Veterans’ Competition is open to all club members over the age of 45 at the time of entry to the competition.
  • The Super Veterans’ Competition is open to all club members over the age of 60 at the time of entry to the competition.
  • The Squash 57 Competition is the racketball club championship open to all club members.
  • The Handicap Competition is open to all club members and each club member has a handicap depending upon ability.

Numbers permitting there will also be a plate competition for Cedric Best entrants that lose their first round matches.  Those lucky enough to get a bye into the second round will also be entered into the plate should they lose their first match.  You will not be entered into the plate if you concede your first round match.

Format of the Competitions

All competitions are knock out.  Each match is to be a best of 5 games using standard English hand-in, hand-out scoring – the same as in league games.


For the Cedric Best the top 8 entrants will be seeded according to the current (as at 1 January) club seeding list.  For the Veterans’ Competition the top 4 entrants will be seeded. There will be no seeding for the plate competition. A decision on the seeding of the ladies competition will be taken by the committee each year depending on numbers of entrants.

All other participants will be randomly drawn.  (In real terms no actual draw takes place. – The list of entrants is randomized by computer)

Arranging Matches

Both players have a responsibility to ensure that the game is played in good time.  However, the onus is on the first player drawn to organise the match.

Unfinished Matches

In the event of an unfinished match the following precedence will decide the outcome:

  1. With the agreement of both players the match may be replayed.  The result of the replayed match must be notified to the competition secretary by the deadline for completion of that round’s matches.
  2. If the game is not to be replayed the game score at the time of the early finish will stand:
  • If the completed game score is not tied the match will be determined by the game score – i.e.  1 – 0, 2 – 0 or 2 – 1.  The standing of any unfinished game will be discarded.
  • Where the game score is tied the player who is ahead in the game when play stopped will be awarded the match. E.g. game score 2 – 2 final game gets interrupted with the score 7-4.  The player with 7 points is awarded the match.
  • Where the game score and the current game points score are equal – e.g. games 2 -2 final game 5 -5 – the player who has won the most points in all games played will be awarded the match.  E.g. 9/6, 4/9, 9/5 3/9 and game interrupted at 5/5.  The first player has scored 30 points – the second player has scored 34 points.  The second player wins.
  • In the unlikely event there is still a tie the match will be awarded to the person who organised the match.
  • If the game was mutually organised – the result will be determined by the toss of a coin.

Un-Played Matches

In the event that a match is not played by the due data and no information has been supplied to the competition secretary both players will be withdrawn from the competition.

Results Notification

Match results must be emailed to the competitions secretary as soon as possible after the match is played.  The competitions secretary will update the draw accordingly on the web site.