Handicap Tournament – 16 Jan – Results

Firstly well done all of us for turning up and having a good time that was objective 1 – Big tick !

Secondly the Tournament delivered in terms of giving those of us that would not normally enter a comp let alone progress through to the later stages the chance to take part in just that & here I need to mention a few stars on the afternoon..

1. Julie Bowcock – through to the ¼ finals with a look of shock that was worth the entry fee – well played Julie ?
2. Ben Walters – who’s performance in the ¼ finals nearly booked his place in the semi’s probably the best game of the day, well done Ben W and well done Ben T for sticking with it and winning through in the end.
3. Gary Bardil – for getting changed again after convincing himself he was out at group stage.. don’t worry Gary, Handicap for next year will be lower to make sure you don’t have to change again !
4. Kate Kibble and David Grant for playing a great final and Kate for coming through out as the well deserved winner – well done Kate.

I attach the final standings for your information.

Handicap Results 2016-01-18_12-17-35

So thanks for your support, getting so many participants makes the effort of organising it worthwhile from the Committee’s perspective, remember, if you don’t turn up it won’t happen – I now urge you all to enter the Club’s main Comp if you have not done so already – you have proved you can do it !

Best regards


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