League Rules

A. General

  1. All league games to be played on a box league basis with each player playing all others in the same league once.
  2. Leagues are listed in alphabetic format from A down.
  3. There will normally be 5 players in any one league, the club reserve the right to allow more players to play in a League, depending upon overall number of players.
  4. All games will be played by the completion date. NOTE – after this date it will not be possible to enter scores in to the on-line scoring facility, late scores will not be accepted unless exceptional circumstances apply and are agreed with the Administrator.
  5. Matches will be played; best-of-five games, or to however many games are completed at the end of the session.
  6. The League is available on-line and there is a hyperlink on the Southwell Squash Club web site. – http://southwellsquashclub.co.uk/current-leagues/

B. Scoring

1. Scoring Regulations

  1. Matches to be played using standard English, hand-in – hand-out, scoring.
  2. All matches are to be the best of 5 games.
  3. For incomplete matches only full games count. Unfinished games are discarded.
  4. Match results must be entered via the on-line league system.

2. Results entry

Unless agreed otherwise at the end of a match it will be the responsibility of the match arranger to log on and enter the score in the appropriate field against the match fixture;

  1. All possible combinations of scores are pre-set in the score dropdown box – you need to select one of these only to enter the score.
  2. A second drop down box allows the entry of exceptional events such as;
    1. Injury (either player)
    2. Match conceded (either player)
    3. Match abandoned (both players present but the match cannot be completed e.g. leisure centre has double booked courts, court unplayable…)


  3. Points – Based on the match result points will be awarded as follows
Match Score Points Awarded
3 – 0 7 – 1
3 – 1 6 – 2
3 – 2 5 – 3
2 – 2 3 – 3
2 – 1 4 – 2
2 – 0 5 – 1
1 – 1 2 – 2
1 – 0 3 – 1

NOTE – Points are automatically calculated and awarded in the Leagues. You simply enter the match result.

4. Bonus Points

For players that complete ALL their counting matches in a single League session an award of 5 BONUS points is automatically awarded to that player – MAKE SURE your complete your matches – it is the difference between winning and losing a League !!

  1. Clarification Notes for Rule Application

The following clarifications apply to assist players make scoring decisions when matches are either not played or incomplete – refer to the League Secretary for any arbitration when required.

Rule                                            Result                                      Points         

 Walkover                                    3 – 0                                        7 – 0

 Clarification Notes

Awarded if player fails to respond to 3 offers of court time by any media (phone, txt or email), courts offered should provide some variety of dates/times.

Non-responding player not awarded match recognition so will not receive bonus points.

Can be challenged by Player 2 and adjudicated by League secretary.

Rule                                            Result                                      Points         

Conceded                                   3 – 0                                         7 – 0

Clarification Notes

Awarded if Player 2 agrees to concession, e.g. unable to play by due date.

Player conceding not awarded match recognition so will not receive bonus points.

Rule                                       Result                                      Points

Dropout                                   3 – 0                                          7 – 0

Clarification Notes

Automatically applies to all other players in league when player dropping out is removed from league as result of injury or other issue preventing further participation in current league session.

Add Note 1 – this can be done by player themselves using Dropout Icon.

Add Note 2 – this rule applies retrospectively to matches already played.

Rule                                             Result                                    Points

Injury during league –                  3 – 0                                        7 – 0

unable to complete remaining matches

Clarification Notes

Applies if player unable to complete remaining BOOKED matches only.

Injured player awarded match recognition as match already booked – so eligible for bonus points if result is all matches completed.

Rule                                             Result                                   Points

Abandoned prior to start              0 – 0                                       0 – 0

Clarification Notes

Awarded as result of mutual agreement and can be re-booked during league period.

Rule                                             Result                                   Points

Expired                                         0 – 0                                       0 – 0

Clarification Notes

Match not played during league period.

 Add Note – To Be Applied by Administrator only.

Rule                                               Result                                   Points

Called off                                        0 – 0                                       0 – 0

Clarification Notes

Applied if court time not available e.g. – double booked court or other unforeseen circumstance – both players eligible for match recognition ONLY if not able to replay during current session.


Rule                                                     Result                                   Points

Postponed                                            0 – 0                                       0 – 0

Clarification Notes

Match to be replayed during league period – OR refer to other appropriate rule from list above if unable to arrange re-match.


At the end of the League session the League is finalised by the League administrator and the next session is started.  All results are available for review.  Any questions should be emailed to the Administrator via the email link at the top of the online box league screen for agreement and if required arbitration.

7. Promotion & Relegation

  1. The two players in each league with the highest score will be promoted to the next league up.
  2. The two with the lowest score will be demoted to the league below.
  3. Remaining players will be left in current League.

8. New or Withdrawn Players

  1. Players wishing to join the leagues will need to email the league secretary via the email link at the top of the online box league screen. You will be placed in a league as close as possible to your known ability range.
  2. Players wishing to not participate in the next league should use the ‘drop-out’ button at the top of the on-line leagues web page.

League Secretary
29th March 2015

On-line – version 2.0……..update November 2018